Curatorial Experience


Mr. Torney has curated numerous student, faculty and professional artist exhibitions, first in conjunction with his work with the Art Center at Hargate Gallery at St. Paul’s School, and currently as the Executive Director of the Nesto Gallery at Milton Academy.  He also currently consults for Gallery 334 of the Milton Art Center.  He has helped mount both individual and group exhibits with hundreds of artists, in venues throughout New England, including such prominent Art institutions as the Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Institute of Boston, and beyond, at the New York Studio School, the Anderson Ranch Art Center of Snowmass, CO, the Humberside School of Art and Design in Hull, England, and Studio Art Centers International of Florence, Italy.

In particular Mr. Torney believes that a strong Gallery program and the inherent Visiting Artist program is also an important element in support of any studio art curriculum – that while it is good to get students out and into museums and galleries, that tends to be a passive pursuit, and it is of equal importance that professional artists be brought to the students, to offer multiple viewpoints, to model their lifelong pursuit, and to teach and conduct workshops around the ideas and techniques essential to their own work.

Mr. Torney is an active member of the National Art Education Association, a member of the College Art Association and has undertaken leadership roles with both the Art Association of New England Preparatory Schools and the Independent School Art Instructors Association. 

Mr. Torney is available to curate exhibitions and to consult with gallery spaces - references available upon request.

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