Landscape Commissions


Do you have a special place, a home, a vacation property, the location where you were married, the view out your window, or some favorite scene that you would like to see transformed into a painting?

Ian Torney is available to create original commissioned paintings - he specializes in the broad vista landscape scene, and completes a number of commissioned works every year.  An original oil painting or small series of paintings can provide a highly satisfying interpretation of the beauty, spirit and "feel" of a location. If there is a place that has special meaning to you or someone you know, consider having it painted.  Works can be completed "plein-air" on site, or from photographs.

On site paintings can be scheduled at any time of year.  Basic travel expenses (mileage and/or air-fare, and for extended stays hotel accommodations and meals) will apply in addition to the price of the commission, to be agreed upon in advance. 

Wonderful results can also be achieved from photographs.  Naturally, the photographs determine the focus. However, even when knowledge of the location is limited to what can be seen in a photo, the landscape painting quickly moves beyond transcription to stylistic artistic response.  Multiple photographs of a particular subject are helpful, and recommended.

Often a day long site visit and the completion of plein air studies, combined with several professionally photographed images taken by the artist, all to be brought back to the studio as visual reference for the finished work, is the optimum scenario for completion of a successful commissioned landscape painting.  Daily rates and travel expenses may apply.

Options for size and format, surface - either stretched canvas or wood panel - as well as options framing and/or shipping are discussed and agreed upon in advance.  Prices start at $1500 for a small 8-inch by 8-inch painting, to $12,000 for a 36-inch by 36-inch canvas - fees scaled according to the size and complexity of the subject.  50% of the commission price is due at the outset upon agreement, with the balance due at delivery.

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